Saturday 7 May 2016

Easy online shopping - updated

All our art cards and books below are now available for online purchase, or by simply getting in touch: Landscape Art Publishing

The buttons below are no longer functional and we're happy to link you to the online stores:

'Dusty Canvas' etsy shop

Stehwien Art Gallery & Giftshop 
Saskatoon Broadway Bridge 1969

Calgary Skyline 1983

Saskatoon City of Bridges 1979

Victoria Bridge Watercolour 1970

Our first set of art cards:

Red Barn


Northern Lake Sunset

Saskatoon Skyline
Set of 4 cards

Our first set of books:

Fritz Stehwien Retrospective booklet 


Waltraude Stehwien, 
In Black and White...

Any questions, please ask here:
Landscape Art Publishing

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