Sunday 29 October 2017

Large flatbed scanner has arrived

At long last, the solution to the image capture of large paintings and sketches has been resolved! We can now 'photograph' pretty much anything flat up to 36" x 50" inches with consistent lighting and colour in a wonderfully short time. There are many options on resolution and colour, as well as speed and digital capture in 2D or 3D. Amazing technology from Germany!

Offering the service to anyone struggling to find a solution for large documents - send an email to inquire here:  Landscape Art Publishing

Sunday 8 October 2017

Newly printed!

The summer has been busy working with the unique artworks of Saskatoon visual artist and puppeteer Waltraude Stehwien. Her application of the ancient art of scissorcutting in both colour and black & white makes for many resplendent discoveries when looking through her archives and many new works.

Results of publishing are a series of black and white art cards and two delightful colour puzzles to make a unique little Christmas gift.

Sales of these items will commence in Saskatoon at these events:

WDM Christmas Craft Faire October 13th and 14th

'Our Best to You' event at Prairieland Park November 17th - 19th

'Sundog Faire' at Sask Place December 1st - 3rd